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Android Games

Dash Jumper

Jump to avoid obstacles. Play dynamic levels, infinite mode or create your level in generator.

Tap Cannon

Destroy alien's ships, upgrade the gun and fight with your friends in duels.

Light Pirates: Sea Battles!

Light Pirates! Endless game with ship battles, boarding enemy & treasure hunt.

Pixel Rain

Casual, relaxing, one tap arcade game. Avoid falling pixels and collect stars.

Dodge all the Arrows

Dodge arrows as long as you can!

Unblock 2048

Game based on the 2048. Get single square in the fewest possible movements.

About Me

Dariusz Szyszka

Hello there! I am a computer programmer by day and an indie game developer by night. Check my games and you will not regret it;). If you have any questions, feel free to contact me on facebook or email